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Life Beyond Horizons, a ministry committed to sharing the good news of Salvation, a resource for prayer, along with numerous free resources for bible study.

We are a group of dedicated volunteers eager to share the joy of redemption that we have experienced through a personal relationship with Jesus.  Through our volunteer services, it enables us to share all of these resources totally free of charge to our visitors.  That’s right – we ask nothing in return.  We don’t want your money, we’re not looking for your personal information – our resources and support are FREE – because Salvation is Free to those that seek Christ.  When you come to know Jesus, it transforms your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine and it means that much to us that we want to share that opportunity with anyone and everyone!  No strings attached – we want you, the visitor to our site, to know that this is a safe place for you, a place to visit often, to share your prayer requests, to discover our great bible study tools and above all else, to come to know Jesus Christ, our savior.  We hope you will continue through our site and take advantage of all the resources we have to offer.

Our library of biblical resources includes online bible study from some of the best Christian ministries available so that our visitors can learn more about Jesus Christ, salvation and biblical prophesy as it relates to our current age. We offer an extensive collection of learning resources for spiritual growth, along with thought-provoking messages of hope and faith.  In addition, we offer prayer support and referral assistance for victims of mental and physical abuse with links for immediate help.

Do you know Jesus Christ? Would you like to experience true redemption today – a clean slate through salvation that comes through Jesus? Follow these links to learn more.

Pathway to Salvation

The Way, the Truth and the Life


Request Prayer from our team today

Can we pray for you today? You can remain anonymous if you prefer and keep in mind – all information is confidential and we will never ask you for money.  Everything in this ministry is shared totally free of charge.  We are volunteers that have found redemption through Jesus Christ and we feel compelled to share this wonderful gift with anyone and everyone.  Through this link, let us know what we can do for you, which can be as simple as saying, “please pray for me today” or “I need prayer for a job” or “seeking prayer for a medical issue” or “I feel lost, I know there is a better life for me but I need help finding my way.”  Your request, however simple or detailed, will be added to our list and our team will lift you up before our heavenly Father in prayer.  Romans chapter 12 verse 12 states,  Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.  Simply click on this link, share your requests and we will pray for you.  Prayer requests

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Whatever your needs we are here to help you and we ask nothing in return, there are no strings attached, let our team be your resource to help you move forward.


In addition, we offer Life Beyond Horizons Media – a new addition to our ministry that provides news of the day from trusted writers and websites, free of bias, that brings our world into focus.  The focus of these messages is eschatology,  which is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end times” as taught in the bible.  We feel an obligation to help believers and non-believers alike in understanding our times and how current events are directly tied into the end time prophesies found throughout the bible.  You can go directly to our media through this link – Life Beyond Horizons Media

Thank you for visiting our site.  We encourage you to read our blog and share your comments.  Also, please take the time to visit our partners listed here – Helpful Resources    These sites are packed with valuable resources and information for new believers and established followers of Christ.  We hope you come back often, and may God truly bless you.