The Trump Paradox

What Republicans, Democrats, and mainstream media still do not understand

By John Stephen Frey, Life Beyond Horizons Media

It was called “shock and awe,” a pre-determined riposte from our enemy combatants once our invasion forces were unleashed, utilizing a massive combination of soldiers and equipment coupled with overwhelming quick-strike capabilities.  This term was famously coined by Bush forty-three, aimed at the former dictator known by Bush forty-one as SADDam…

In retrospect it seems like simpler times, not better by any means, but predictable.  Republicans identified our mortal enemies, holding a steady machine gun hand, while railing against big government and high taxes.  Democrats railed against big business, corporate tax breaks, healthcare, you know, those same old chestnuts.

However, during the Republican years of the early double knots (2000’s), taxes stagnated, lending and stock trading without oversight ran amok, and government grew by leaps and bounds, i.e. Homeland Security, all during a Republican White House.  If Teddy Roosevelt were around, numerous “conservatives” would have been on the receiving end of his “big stick.”  Then as James Taylor once sang, “sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground,” as the economic crash of 2008 wiped out many a life savings.  The following two presidential terms saw major changes, mostly expected with an incoming Democrat – higher taxes, increased regulation and government interference, while Republicans began to demonstrate a frustrating atypical disposition – victimhood.  Democrats held the White House and Congress from 2008 to 2010, Republicans gained the House in 2010 and added the Senate in 2014, representing a growing discontent of the modern-day bourgeoisie that should have shifted policies towards the conservative center-right, yet the needle shifted very little if any at all.

This period of non-decisive middling muck, 2014 to 2016, when Republicans embraced their newly found apostle’s creed, was rolled out with fervor and gusto on a regular basis to Fox news viewers in a manner that tickled the ears but stagnated the brains of this once strongly empowered political force. The talk was familiar and struck all the right conservative chords, sung by the stalwarts of the right, McConnell, McCain, Boehner, Ryan and so on, but the lyrics were empty, and their songs became overly played top-40 pop also-rans.  What emerged from this undefined political alchemy was a coupling of once staunch conservative regulars with the overlooked rust belt moderates, forming an unexpected and totally unforeseen alliance that beaned the establishment on its proverbial sconce. In simpler terms, conservatives were sick and tired of their elected representatives crying foul to Sean Hannity every time their lunch money was stolen by – insert villain’s name here – from the evil Obama Empire. At the same time, many moderates felt abandoned and taken for granted, a feeling soon validated when the Democratic nominee bypassed certain normal stops on her way to the official coronation.

November 8, 2016 – Shock and Awe…aka The day Trump Derangement Syndrome was unleashed

(President Donald J. Trump and wife Melania, inauguration day, January 20,2017 photo courtesy associated press)

It was on this day that the horses bolted while carriage wheels detached in the most iniquitous manner on the way to the Queen’s coronation.  Liberal’s stood in stunned silence as the numbers came in while the growing thunder of the approaching train on the tracks in which they stood represented the nauseating sound of political inevitability.  Media members wept on live TV – certainly a far cry from the stiff upper lip garnered by Cronkite on that long-ago November day in 1963.

During election night 2016, pretty much every talking head and political pollster, had unceremoniously relegated the upstart Trump to the political trash bin of history saved for the likes of McGovern and Dukakis. Yet here he stood, quaffed and pressed, holding his own “Dewey defeats Truman” banner over their heads in defiant triumph.  The Queen was dead.  Liberals became unglued.  Mainstream media ran for cover while fingers were pointed here and there…how could this be?

How could this be indeed.  The Queen wrote a book oozing with salacious details of her perceived élection volée, ironic in the sense that the same charges could be levied upon her Wasserman delivered primary victory over the left’s socialist messiah. The egg on face media, not known for taking it in the shorts, united in anger as they searched for a new narrative.  Not to worry, for, inside the stone turrets of justice, a warrior and his winch had already prepared the end game as they cashed in on that now-infamous insurance policy known as Russian collusion.  Oh what a narrative it would be, you see, this wasn’t a valid election at all. Why it was stolen with the help of Hollywood’s favorite movie villain…the Russians.  This had nothing to do with voter disgust with the status quo, with disgruntled Republicans lashing out against the possibility of another Bush in the white house or the taken for granted rust belt rejecting another Arkansan…the latter of which ran highly classified documents through her basement.  It was Russia all along and Trump colluded in a manner so vile that he must be removed…immediately!!  Que the special council…

For two years and more, collusion was the word, they all ran with it.  Classified information was leaked while breathless news readers analyzed every last crumb of this molded crust that fell beneath to the floor.  Then came the report, handed over by the mayor and grand poohbah of Cowardsville himself…no proof of collusion and…wait for it…no determination regarding obstruction of justice.  Mayor Poohbah would later hide behind a podium, no questions asked, and state with a straight face that if his team “had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”  So he’s not guilty, which by law means he is innocent, I mean, that sounds vaguely familiar to me, the whole “innocent until proven guilty” legal foundation upon which we stand.  Yet there he stood, claiming Trump guilty until proven innocent.  Que the impeachment proceedings…

And yes, even though House Speaker Pelosi had stated no impeachment, “Trump is not worth the effort,” you better believe impeachment proceedings will take place.  Fast forward a few months, insert Ukraine in place of Russia and let the fun begin.  Pelosi, not one to miss a grandstanding moment, announced to the masses, “we have launched an impeachment inquiry”…..whatever that means.  Of course, for anyone to think Pelosi reached this conclusion via fact or folly is to assume she actually controls the house chamber, something akin to believing Elvis is still alive on some tropical island…it just ain’t so.  What’s worse in all of this exhaustive banging of the investigative drums by Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff, “the squad,” is that somewhere along the way, liberals and the mainstream media have purposefully traded common sense and temperance for some concocted partisan ruse, a modern-day Circus Maximus of hideous proportions in a seemingly never-ending loop aimed at removal and destruction of all things Trump.

So what are they all missing and what does this all mean? Well, I thought you’d never ask.  Let us return to this overlooked period of time, 2014 to 2016 when Republicans were given the keys to Congress by the American people.  Not just the House, not just the Senate, the whole megillah.  Thus began the 114th Congress of the United States.  So, what did the Republican leadership accomplish in this period?  First of all, this edition of Congress passed the fewest pieces of legislation since any previous Congress dating back to the civil war.  They did stand up to Obama by requiring the full text of the newly signed Iran nuclear agreement in a move that said, “you aren’t taking my lunch money today,” only to read it, complain about it to Sean Hannity, and then fail to vote on a resolution to reject it….so of course, it stood.  And, as if to gift wrap a present for the incoming President, they failed to pass a budget and shamelessly patched together a short-term spending measure that ensured the next Commander-in-Chief would face a budget crisis on day one.  Nice job.  In the meantime, rust belt moderates, those hard workers that shower after work unlike the members of Congress that don’t really break a sweat during the day, saw their pay stagnate while their jobs continued to leave the country.  Coal was left in the ground and as icing on their cake, if you didn’t have health care, that faux pas was yet another hit in the wallet.  I haven’t even mentioned the Queen herself, winning the democratic primaries that seemed highly stacked in her favor before even one vote was cast.  The former first lady and Secretary of State – with the infamous personal server in her basement – whose life has been lived above the law of the commoners, was the only alternative for the voters?

Many people…and I can’t over-emphasize the point…MANY PEOPLE were left sitting out the last dance of the evening.  Political wallflowers once again passed over by the very people they elevated to the ivory tower.  Taken for granted one too many times, these people came to the same conclusion without so much as an organized rally.  Somewhere off in the distance, a voice could be heard, singing new lyrics to a new song…a heavy sound that made no apologies and spoke the words that they’d wanted to say for years.  The problem was, nobody outside of the DC beltway was listening or even cared what they had to say.  Oh sure, every election cycle you have one or two politicians stand up and claim to be political outsiders, not beholden to Washington’s rules, but that’s just talk.  But this guy, this loud unapologetic voice, was different.  He was brash and boorish, he called people names and made up catchy nicknames.  He asked his audience to punch hecklers in the face…”I’ll pay your legal bills.”  No politician had ever dared to utter such words.  Nonsense they would say…and they would be right, but this new amalgam of loyalists had had enough.  Then came the message and this guy really seemed to get it.  He connected with his audience and yes, there were Republicans and Democrats at his rallies, in numbers that every opponent only dreamed of and the louder he got the more the people cheered and cried out for more.  He made promises and limited the rhetoric to the simplest of terms.  Words everyone could understand.  Yet the poll numbers didn’t jibe with the visual numbers.  When faced with this reality, the media and the establishment bought the poll numbers.  They all missed what was happening and to this day they’ve never taken the time to try and understand it.  Perhaps it’s because they are not able to believe it happened. To do so would be to indict everything they’ve held dear, to point the finger of rebuke squarely at themselves.  So, they plod forward, slogging through the muck and mire of the swamp, searching for the answers, repeating the old tired worn-out rhetoric of obstruction and collusion, as if saying it often enough will one day make it true.

At this point, why does it even matter? To continue to be stumped by the Trump Paradox is to guarantee another Trump victory dance in 2020 with the classy and completely ignored by media first lady, the lovely Melania Trump.  By refusing to accept the bitter pill of 2016’s defeat, the Democrats will blindly drive off another bridge in Chappaquiddick and sink into the mishegoss of impeachment.  The mainstream media will love it as they will fill the airwaves with hours of so-called expert insight into the deranged inner workings of the White House.  In reality, this time period represents a fading opportunity for Democrats to take a deep breath and swallow hard the lessons of their own denial.  Without such a reckoning, Pelosi will get to hand the gavel back across the aisle and democrats can wait at least four to six years for another chance to get it back.  Republicans need to learn the lesson as well.  Trump is not their leader; he works for that new and yet undefined block of voters that have rebuked both parties.  Trump is unique, he doesn’t stand behind one label, he is above party labels, as hard as that might be to believe, Trump has created his own bipartisan following and they’re not about to abandon him at this point.  Why should they? AOC has nothing to offer – just ask New Yorkers in her district that waved goodbye as the largest online retailer in the world did an unceremonious touch and go in search of a better landing strip.  Complain all you want about how “un-Presidential” Trump is or how much you (George Will) are offended by his very presence…the last time I checked, he’s still President.  Try to throw out the most genius political tool ever invented, the Electoral College, and see how far you get when people really come to understand that it actually is important to all voters, regardless of party, that their state is represented in the outcome.  Instead of rebuking the message, learn from it.  The “Same ole Same ole” doesn’t cut it anymore.  Simply getting in line and saying it’s my turn (HRC and Jeb), you might want to put together a run of substance and learn how to connect with the voters.  Embrace the Trump Paradox and learn how to meet the voters where they are instead of the other way around.  You just might learn something about the core and backbone of this nation. Voters have wised up and are seeing tangible results – and to state the obvious, they want more.

Now if only these same constituents would come together on congressional term limits…alas, we can only hope.