Life Beyond Horizons is a Christian non-denominational ministry with two primary objectives:

  • To share the love of Christ and the salvation message – the Good News
  • To challenge believers to action through thought-provoking messages that encourage and inspire a sharing of faith in our lost world

John Stephen Frey serves as the Director and senior editor.   Do you have questions about the content or wish to know more about the ways you or your group can link to our site as a partner in sharing the good news of salvation?


Write to Mr. Frey directly at jfrey@lifebeyondhorizons.com 

Would you like to use our content or request a speaking engagement by our Director at your next event? Would you like to discuss ways we can partner with your organization to maximize the positive impact we can share within your community? This and any general feedback or inquiries can be sent to our team at lifebeyondhorizons@gmail.com


To share the Love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to all that will listen. To make new friends in our ever-expanding audience through our weekly blog, video messages, and public events. We want you to join us in this journey, learning to live in a direct relationship with God, the blessed “life beyond horizons” – trusting in Him as we are guided through the challenges and trials we all face.

Along the way we hope to challenge your perceptions through honest dialogue, as we strive to bring believers – old and new – back to a place of servitude by focusing on the examples, teachings and biblical principles laid out by Jesus Christ.  

Through this outreach we are committed to these goals:

  • Share the testimony of our relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be a resource for prayer, available anytime to anyone seeking help, our committed team will faithfully lift up all requests before our heavenly Father
  • Inspire believers to live beyond horizons through a personal walk with our Heavenly Father – to grow in faith, to understand the true challenge of becoming a servant, following the example of Christ
  • Challenge the status quo with thought-provoking messages – not as a form of rebuke, but through love and inspiration, to challenge what has become “normal” as we bring believers together putting our faith into motion.
  • Never to ask for your money or to promote prosperity through your faith. We talk about growing our faith and we walk in that faith. We are dedicated to helping you, our partners in faith, to gain a better understanding of our duties as true servants of God, to live it, share it and make a difference in our own communities.
  • God has provided this opportunity to minister and we trust in Him. This ministry truly exists beyond horizons. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Please note – all messages on this site are original content and the intellectual property of Life Beyond Horizons.  We are pleased when anyone feels led to share our message with others, we only request you include credit for the original content to Life Beyond Horizons and our website http://www.lifebeyondhorizons.com  We do not authorize the sale of our content without our expressed written permission.  For more information contact us directly at jfrey@lifebeyondhorizons.com 

Thank you for visiting our ministry, we hope you come back often and share us with others.

John Stephen Frey – Director and Senior Editor

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